• We achieved the clear strategic business outcomes through Roderick’s focussed
    and well planned approaches, plus achieved the awareness, alignment and engagement
    outcomes of our leadership group through Roderick’s authentic and values aligned

    - Wayne Smith

  • I highly recommend you give Roderick a call if you are looking to make positive and
    sustained change in your leadership development, change leadership, team development
    and performance.

    - Rob Setter

  • Our organisation has a uses variety of facilitators and formats for planning sessions,
    and we found the guidance and techniques used were first rate. Roderick gave us space
    where we needed it and pushed us through to nail our outcomes when we needed it.

    - Warrick Jordan

We START the journey where you are, and get you where you need to be.


START is both our focus and our name.  We are a consulting, organisational development and people capital practitioner firm who partner with you to leverage the five elements of organisational performance, leadership excellence, and successful change.  The five interconnected and dependent elements (and acronym of START) are-


We are highly skilled and experienced, values driven and passionate about what we do.  We use evidence based best practice processes and tools, including neuroscience, learning theory and performance dynamics to design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions that build your skills, optimise your investment to produce the greatest impact, at the individual, team or organisational level.  Importantly, we use creativity and innovation to turn theory and concepts into real world practice and processes, so they can be easily applied and sustainably used. 

We also work in the reality of your business, team and personal context, and strive to make all services and processes ‘fit’ to purpose and need through our bespoke design, develop and delivery approach.

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About Us


In short we START the journey where you are, and get you where you need to be.

Designed For You

Google leadership development, change management or innovation and you will be overwhelmed with options, providers and ‘how-two’ strategies – in short the ‘WHAT’ is abundantly and freely available.  At START our client’s tell us that it is HOW and WHY we do what we do that produces the transformation they are looking for.  We put you ‘the client’ at the centre of all our work, and using our 4D process-Diagnose, Design, Develop and Delivery©  to partner with you to produce bespoke solutions to optimize outcomes and ROI.  

Our services are bespoke, and flexible in scope and scale, from as short as one hour, to half day or multi day programs, through to full consultancy services, such as organisational culture or change leadership strategies.

Our clients comment on our having a catalyst effect, in that we use creativity, energy and passion to enable them to draw new insights, be bold and take action. We support you to have confidence to manage the people side of change, strategy, engagement and development.

Our Services

Leadership Development

Our programs and workshops give leaders and high potential talent the skills and capabilities to build their self-awareness, build confidence and target areas for change and development opportunities for agile and adaptive leadership   Participant’s learn to skills, competencies and confidence to tap their inner drive and passion to reach their potential, keep healthy and be as effective as possible. 


Using evidence based outcome focussed frameworks (e.g. Climate Change of Teams) to develop understanding of the key drivers of team development, dynamics and effectiveness, diversity and strengths, develop team cohesion and tapping individual and collective talent to achieve full potential and high performance.

Change Leaders

Change Leadership Competency for leaders, teams and individuals to be equipped to understand where they need to apply their effort, make the connection between leading change and organisational strategy, and build their change skills (technical, relational and political) to be able to engage and develop others in leading the transition.


Being able to unlock potential, creativity and using the latest research in design thinking concepts and processes are essential skills of leaders.  We work with you to provide very practical steps and ‘know-how’ to apply them to your business to improve performance, meet the challenges of a VUCA environment and co-creating new solutions, produces and services and enjoyment at work.


Disrupting the ‘Business as Usual’ approach to post staff engagement survey debrief and ‘re’ action planning to assists leaders, individuals and teams to understand the drivers of organisational culture and to identify practical processes to improve engagement and have shared commitment to build a constructive and effective culture.


Introduces the Radical Resilience© model which helps individuals and teams understand the drivers, practical skills and knowledge to manage set-backs and keep performing in particular the ebb and flow of energy, effectiveness, and what works and hinders high performance.


START coaching is a collaborative, client- centered, goal-directed development process.  The process is highly interactive, based on sound change and learning principles and can be applied across 1-2 sessions or a full program.  It will support you to make, measure and master the new behaviours, skills and knowledge to improve your effectiveness and performance, and most importantly achieve your goals.


START Facilitation uses creative and innovative processes to have groups collaborate, be engaged and produce results in a challenging and enjoyable atmosphere, e.g. developing Organisational values, vision, after action lessons learned, strategic planning and alignment.   They focus on approaches that result in improved strategy, innovative solutions, team performance, leadership ownership and people engagement.


Below are some examples of the scope and scale of our client’s success achieved through our partnerships and commitment to design solution that will match needs and exceed expectations.  No matter what size or scale of your challenge- Why not get started with START.

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Roderick Cross MEd, MN, CAHRI

START Consultants Director

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START is both our focus and our name. We are a consulting, 
organisational development and people capital practitioner firm 
who partner with you to leverage the five elements of 
organisational performance, leadership excellence, and 
successful change.

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