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About Us

Our Values

Our values that will be evident in our work with you are: 

  • We are passionate and love what we do
  • We know our strengths and focus our expertise on getting better
  • We strive to use evidence based best practice and methods that have proven success
  • We partner with you, to know your business and match solution to need 
  • We know that innovation and solutions come from creativity and a positive learning environment  
  • We pride ourselves in what we do and strive to exceed your expectations
  • We work at the individual, team and at the whole business level

Our Focus

  • STRATEGY – Your unique value proposition within the environment, both private and public sector, recognising the unique challenges and value realisation within each.
  • TEAM & TALENT – Your people, culture, engagement and development
  • ALIGNMENT & AGILITY- Systematic analysis of effort (talent, capability, need etc) to results (performance, achievement and relationships), targeting areas for change and executing for improvement
  • RESILIENCE - Keeping strong, and investing in solutions to keep at your best 
  • TRANSFORMATION - Change and uncertainty are the new constant, we assist you wherever your strategy is taking you, be it growth or rebuilding. We partner with you to lead the change, equip your management and engage your people.

Meet Roderick

Roderick Cross MN, MEd, CAHRI.

Director- START Consultants



As Director and owner of START, Roderick draws on more than thirty years of clinical, professional and educational experience working with multinational commercial organisations and government across three continents. Roderick has held senior positions and led major reform in HR, performance and reporting, business renewal, organisational development and change management. 

Having experienced and observed some of the best and less than ideal leadership in action at the highest levels in the Pubic, Private and NFP sector he was drawn to contribute to development of leadership effectiveness and potential as his contribution to making a difference for individuals, teams and whole organisations. That is why he invested in START – as a values driven consulting, organisational development and people capital practitioner firm who partner with you to leverage the five elements that are the drivers of organisational performance, leadership excellence, and successful change. The five interconnected and dependent elements (and acronym of START) Strategy, Team & Talent, Alignment & Agility, Resilience and Transformation. 

Roderick has experience of working with a broad range of industry clients, including mining, pharmaceutical R&D, health, education, export and trade. This has provided him with an understanding of business, client management, strategy and the importance of leadership and culture. Holding senior roles in major hospitals, a number of government departments and private industry formed his expertise in managing major reform programs and facilitating stakeholder engagement processes to effect innovative outcomes in complex and challenging contexts. 

He works with CEOs and senior executive teams from industry, health, education and engineering, mining and commercial sectors to achieve high performance outcomes - using creativity, innovation and research to design solutions that deliver sustained results.

His consulting, facilitation and coaching focuses on strategy, organisational culture, resilience & agility, adaptation & change, innovation, team climate dynamics & performance, leadership & talent development and people engagement.


  • Masters of Education
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Nursing
  • Masters of Nursing


  • Certified Professional Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Lifetime Accreditation Human Synergistics’ full suite LSI, GSI, LI, OCI/OEI
  • The Leadership Circle- LCP, ME & Leadership Culture Survey
  • Climate Change for Teams
  • Lominger Leadership Architecture & Lominger Voices 360
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and MBTI Coach
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Business (FIRO-Bus)
  • Experience Innovation & Change
  • 9 Conversations in Leadership

Coaching Specialisations:

  • Advanced Certificate Executive Coaching (ICCP)
  • Professional Certificate of Executive Coaching (ICCP)
  • Linda Sharkey Coaching program
  • ACT Advanced Certificate and ACT in Coaching

Key Expertise:

  • Strategic positioning, alignment & planning
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Teaming- dynamics & engagement
  • Design thinking & innovation
  • Organisational Development & Culture
  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
  • Business Renewal and Change Management

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Our Partners

We work with a small team of Senior Consultants, coaches and facilitators who are leaders in their fields covering talent, transformational change, and have proven success across industries, sectors and on the global spheres including Asia, Europe and the US.

Phillip Ralph

MSc,BSc CAHRI. START Consultants Partner

Phil is the founder of The Leadership Sphere. He has a passion for working with senior leaders and teams to achieve high levels of individual, team and organisational performance. The approach adopted brings together a strong systems approach with proven personal transformational processes. He also brings a diverse range of commercial, government and senior corporate experiences. He is considered a thought leader in leadership development.

Prior to founding The Leadership Sphere, Phillip spent six years with the highly successful and innovative ANZ cultural transformation program called Breakout, where he was the Head of Consulting and Facilitation. Initiated by the CEO, John McFarlane in 2000, Breakout has been widely acclaimed as one of the best examples of a successful cultural transformation program in the world. His approach is definitely not ‘one size fits all’ and instead uses a contextual approach – and importantly, one that optimises results for the client. His strengths are working with leaders and senior teams who need to gain increased clarity about where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. He also enjoys training and mentoring facilitators to produce outstanding results for clients.

Phillip has written or contributed to four books, his fourth book, due to be published in May is called The Development Revolution: The Next Wave of Workplace Learning.

Elizabeth Hughes

BA, BBus, MHR. START Consultants Partner

With over 25 years experience and extensive knowledge in talent management and organisational development, Elizabeth established the Mindful Executive in 2015.

A collaborative, authentic and results-orientated business leader, Elizabeth’s role prior to establishing her business The Mindful Executive was Director of Hudson’s Talent Management business in Queensland. Here, she led teams of consulting organisational psychologists and career transition specialists.

Elizabeth previously held senior roles in corporations in Australia and overseas. She has worked across a range of sectors including energy, resources, construction, retail, professional services and more recently the public sector.

Her executive coaching leverages this diverse experience in corporate HR, leadership and consulting roles and she thrives on coaching executives and leading teams to successfully navigate the complex and diverse challenges of today’s environment.

Elizabeth is also a member of a number of not-for-profit boards including LifeTec Queensland.

Margo Anderson

BEd, MBus START Consultants Partner

Margot Andersen is the owner and principal consultant of talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and business workforce planning solutions. Committed to ensuring that both individuals and organisations are well equipped to handle the ever-changing landscapes of today’s workplace, she believes that we need to take a fresh look at how we manage our careers and workforce planning solutions in order to future proof our success.

As an experienced business leader, workforce-planning specialist and executive mentor with global consulting experience, Margot works with organisations to engage and develop managers and leaders to improve their operational strength, performance and agility. Assisting organisations to create and leverage potential opportunity and capability, she is a firm believer in creating practical frameworks that drive leadership excellence, high performance and align business needs with individual ambition.

Margot’s consulting experience spans a broad range of industry including retail, FMCG, energy, resources and financial services in both private and commercial structures. She works with CEO’s, executive and senior leadership teams to ensure they have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Margot is a regular contributor to the CEO Magazine and numerous other online and print leadership publications.

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START is both our focus and our name. We are a consulting, 
organisational development and people capital practitioner firm 
who partner with you to leverage the five elements of 
organisational performance, leadership excellence, and 
successful change.

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