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Leadership Development

Our programs and workshops give leaders and high potential talent the skills and capabilities to build their self-awareness, build confidence and target areas for change and development opportunities for agile and adaptive leadership   Participant’s learn to skills, competencies and confidence to tap their inner drive and passion to reach their potential, keep healthy and be as effective as possible. Below are three case studies which show the scale, scope and impact of our unique programs.

Case Study One A new CEO, the appointment of two first time executives, geographical disbursement and a history of individual  / functions isolationism and competition.  START was engaged to ‘transform’ the business and with the members of the design team- designed an 18 month leadership program including face to face forums, team and 1:1 coaching for the top 20 executive and senior team, and the formation of peer networks and learning hubs.  The results exceeded expectations at all levels and fulfilled (average 9/10) the key objectives of enhancing leadership cohesion, embedding teaming within the business, building individual resilience & transformation and establishing a strengths based culture. The ‘Celebration’ (final) session took the form of TED (RED) Talks, where each team member presented their personal leadership journey over the program.  The learnings, authentic expression, deep listening and openness was evidence of significant, and in some cases, life changing impact of the program.

"My Executive and Senior Leadership Team has just completed  a 12 month Leadership Development Program with Start Consultants which has been both transformational and defining for the leadership team at both the individual and team levels.  Roderick’s style was challenging, yet enjoyable, he created environments in which to lead, to learn and develop our team strengths.  He also developed great resources and a toolkit for the team to apply back in their regional settings. I highly recommend Roderick Cross, Director Start Consultants to work with your team."   Kathy Schaefer PSM  Deputy Director-General, Qld Government  


Case Study Two  From a complex systems perspective, you can’t go past a large hospital, that needs to be adaptive, effective and safe 24 hours a day.  Oh, it also needs to be ahead of the pack in terms of innovation, new technology and client / stakeholder satisfaction.  The Executive team recognised that 70% of the time this work rests with the clinical specialist managers and team leaders.   The partnership with START resulted in leadership program that engaged the key talent, built strong networks and challenged the hegemony.  The program was delivered in cohorts of 25 over two years and has transformed the culture through leadership. 

"Ten teams and 250 people completed the leadership program. Nothing has been too difficult or challenging for Roderick as we constantly reviewed and subtly changed the program to improve. The content is of the highest calibre and is tailored specifically to achieve our goals. Roderick met our every need and delivered the program with a professional expertise that inspired many."  Grant Simmons  Program Director The Wesley Hospital


Case Study Three  It takes about 15-20 years to complete a medical degree, Fellowship qualifications and a PhD to become a senior specialist.  Little if any of this is focused on leadership development and organisational change.  So when a major merger between two major hospitals involving thousands of staff and hundreds of thousands of patients this can be a serious risk to service quality, relationships and wellbeing of individuals and the organisation.  START partnered with a team of senior clinicians to prepare and position them to lead the change, and to also influence the pace, race and grace of the change.  The program ‘bootcamped’  rapid skills and capability development (short sessions set to their timeframes and style to meet their needs)  they needed to feel confident and competent to lead the change and transformation of the messy first year.   The leading strategic change program was delivered over 6 months and included face to face sessions, coaching and a resource ‘toolkit’.

"The teams from START consultants developed a bespoke leadership course for our team of 8 junior and senior medical leaders. This program has enabled us to develop a more cohesive leadership team while at the same time enabling significant personal growth  by each individual via pre course individual assessments and both group workshops and individual coaching sessions. The content was well thought out and focused on the needs of each individual, while the group sessions were fun, interactive, highly thought provoking and extremely productive. I would highly recommend the START consultant/ leadership sphere over the more traditional one size fits all residential courses that are out there."  A/Prof Simon Harrison Head of Haematology & Chair, Haematology Service Director of Clinical Aphaeresis


At START we recognize it is a big step to sign-up to working with a stranger, who seems to ask a load of personal and sometimes difficult questions.  We also know from experience that this is one of the wisest investments in your leadership development and performance you can make.  We have extensive experience of coaching at the CEO and other ‘C’ Suite levels from a broad range of sectors (e.g. Construction, Education, Resources, Engineering, Health and Government) and the results are best expressed in our clients own words.  Get in touch as we are here to support you with the best option be it, stepping up, transitioning out, working through complex issue, or where you need a trusted partner to impartially see new perspectives and opportunities for improved effectiveness and well-being.  See what some of our clients see as the results that can be achieved through coaching with START.


The professional development that I have received through Roderick is by far the best I have ever had during my career. He has enabled me to feel empowered and confident in my abilities by providing a different perspective and challenging my thinking, resulting in a heightened level of clarity that continues to translate into outcomes. With a plethora of professional development opportunities available I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to access someone of Roderick’s extremely high calibre and I know that the skills and knowledge that I have learnt will provide the foundations for me to achieve all that I aspire to. Senior Executive Education Sector

"After six months of professional coaching with Roderick and Start I can honestly say it has changed me and my work.  I have developed a deep understanding of my core strengths and passions, and how to tap into them in my professional and personal development. I have been able to apply the practical coaching insights directly into key areas of my current leadership practices and make very constructive changes to how I work.  Through coaching I have been also given the use of tools and processes that I still use regularly one year on from commencing coaching with Roderick."  - Callan Battley  Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer  Mater Health Group


"Over a short period Roderick’s coaching has proven to be invaluable for my personal development.  His insight into business machinations as well as straight talking has cut to the core of issues and behaviours which were roadblocks for achieving greater performance and proficiencies.  Using simple, yet effective tools I have been able to focus on key priorities, set clear objectives and implement strategies to achieve them.  My personal effectiveness within my current role has significantly improved during this time, and this is reflected through comments and discussions with my superiors and key leaders in our organisation.  I look forward to continue my development with Roderick and  the constant enhancement in my performance."  HR Leader – Australia & South East Asia Heavy Industry Sector


 "As a result of the customised coaching from Roderick Cross, I now have established clear specific goals and have increased awareness of my own strengths and behaviour types. This has enabled me to become a better and more effective leader. Roderick’s knowledge and experience not only helped me to develop strategies to achieve my goals, but regularly challenged myself and this has allowed me to achieve more than ever before.  Roderick is a passionate person who genuinely wants to help his client and I would highly recommend Roderick as a coach/mentor to anyone interested in further developing their professional career and enhance their leadership skills." - David Beattie Programme Manager – Airside Infrastructure  Brisbane Airport Corporation

"One of his greatest attributes is his ability to sensitively provide honest and insightful observations and feedback. Roderick challenges me to reflect on my performance and patterns of behaviour and has helped me to become a more effective leader. I highly recommend Roderick as a coach if you are committed to improving your skills and attributes as a leader and are willing to challenge yourself. My coaching sessions with Roderick have been the best professional development I have experienced." Senior Executive  Education Sector 


"Roderick’s strength as an executive coach is that he searches for the truth,  addresses the truth with his client and provides practical, realistic ways forward.  He leads real and insightful conversations, not superficial and fanciful conversations. This is not always popular or easy but is the source of real progress. -  Lyn Rowland  Former Chief HR Officer, Qld Health


As master facilitators we get that working with groups, large and small it is never easy to make it valuable, engaging and delivering the outcomes you want and the team will sign up for.  The cost of getting your people together, usually involving travel, and being away from their core business and the need to ‘get it right’ in one take can be intimidating and risky for your reputation.

Our commitment- is to partner with you and match the intent and effort to the need by using best practice processes such as Dialogue, Design Thinking, Group Dynamics.  We design, coach and equip you with the right tools for your job, and co-facilitate or provide a full service for a one off, or multiple event programs.  The scope of our facilitation is diverse - from the development of a Vision statement for an organisation of 3300 people, or setting a disruptive 5 year strategy to bring together three organisations (spread across Australia), to single day forums run with the client building their confidence and competency.  Read what our clients say is ‘different’ about our facilitation, then get in touch.

Roderick’s exceptional facilitation skills, enthusiasm, energy and engagement is central to our development as a high performing executive leadership team.  What we achieved in two days may have taken us a month to realise.  We focused on areas of trust, team, strength and transformation as a basis of building a solid platform to engage with and energise the broader leadership team.  Roderick’s follow-up support is equally impressive and highly professional!  Roderick will continue to play an important role in our leadership team’s development.”  - Kathy Schaefer
 Deputy Director-General  Queensland Government


I approached Roderick Cross from START Consultants because I was eager to develop the company’s senior management team’s skills in difficult conversations, finding solutions to issues, clear communication and managing conflict.  Roderick helped us by providing a challenging yet enjoyable learning environment, which promoted team support and skills development and practice.   I would recommend Roderick Cross from START Consultants for companies who require leadership development, skills enhancement and team building. - Nathan Morris

General Manager Livestock Link


Roderick is a sensitive and skilled facilitator, with great ability to create a safe ‘holding environment’ for all workshop participants while still focusing on outcomes from the day’s workshop.  Everyone felt energised, committed and motivated at the day’s end.  I recommend Roderick to anyone wanting a skilled and sensitive facilitator, particularly in the face of complex team dynamics. -  Marie-Claire Cheron-Sauer  Director Support Programs  Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia


With Roderick, we initially planned an Executive Leadership session to progress strategic, environmental scanning, stakeholder and Vision activities and then a follow up session with the broader senior management team (Top 40).  Roderick planned, led and facilitated both of these sessions extremely well. Roderick brought his energy and insight to immediately add value at the conceptual and strategic end, as well as the functional and practical aspects

We achieved the clear strategic business outcomes through Roderick’s focussed and well planned approaches, plus achieved the awareness, alignment and engagement outcomes of our leadership group through Roderick’s authentic and values aligned approach. - Head Organisational Capability and Change – Service Industry


Roderick is a trusted professional that I would not hesitate to recommend to someone looking for a grounded but strategic approach that is tailored to their need and style. The combination of his experience, honesty and insights are an asset for professionals looking for someone to partner with them to find solutions to complex challenges or circumstances. -  Brett de Hayr  Former CEO AgForce Qld, Cattle Council of Australia and National Landcare Facilitator

Roderick is an enlightened facilitator.  He takes his audience on an exciting and provocative journey that challenges both the individual and the team to dig deep and release what is possible both personally and professionally.  His tools and techniques are creative and engaging, leaving the audience inspired to reach out well beyond the status quo. - Chief HR Officer, Large Public Agency

Our leadership group is progressing along a trajectory of working as a cohesive, purposeful team with an elevated strategic, customer-focussed outlook. We have gained much from working with Roderick as a valued co-navigator in that process assisting us build team culture and identity, and providing practical steps that I am confident will see us arrive at our destination. Roderick has been, and will continue to be, an invaluable partner in our transformation.  - Dave Waters  General Manager 
Human Resources Branch  Department of Transport and Main Roads

Our organisation has a uses variety of facilitators and formats for planning sessions, and we found the guidance and techniques used were first rate. Roderick gave us space where we needed it and pushed us through to nail our outcomes when we needed it.  - Warrick Jordan   The Wilderness Society Inc

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