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What Our Client's Say

Roderick facilitated a strategic planning workshop for us, with just over 24 hours’ and under some very difficult conditions, including the resignation on the day of one of the committee members. None of this daunted him.  He quickly gained the trust of all participants, used humour appropriately and sensitively and focused the group on the aims and outcomes of the day.  Everyone felt heard.  We were able to reach a level of understanding of all perspectives as well as realising that we were all working for the same cause.

Roderick is a sensitive and skilled facilitator, with great ability to create a safe ‘holding environment’ for all workshop participants while still focusing on outcomes from the day’s workshop.  Everyone felt energised, committed and motivated at the day’s end.  I recommend Roderick to anyone wanting a skilled and sensitive facilitator, particularly in the face of complex team dynamics.

Marie-Claire Cheron-Sauer
Director Support Programs
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

The Health Leadership Development Program was an excellent course. The coaching was tailored to my individual needs, and the teaching material in our group sessions was also highly specific to the challenges facing our organisation and our group of leaders. We also learned general principles which I have already found invaluable in the other areas of leadership outside my organisation. Roderick and Phil were respectful, entertaining facilitators and coaches, and after just four group sessions I feel we have developed further both as a team and as individuals than I thought possible. I would highly recommend this course to others who are facing leadership roles, organisational change, and who acknowledge that we can all grow further and learn more about leadership.

Dr. Kirsten Herbert
Cabrini Hospital

Roderick Cross, Director START Consultants was engaged to work with my newly appointed executive leadership team for two days of strategic leadership, team development and transformational change planning.  Roderick’s exceptional facilitation skills, enthusiasm, energy and engagement is central to our development as a high performing executive leadership team.  What we achieved in two days may have taken us a month to realise.  We focused on areas of trust, team, strength and transformation as a basis of building a solid platform to engage with and energise the broader leadership team.  Roderick’s follow-up support is equally impressive and highly professional!  Roderick will continue to play an important role in our leadership team’s development. 

Kathy Schaefer
 Deputy Director-General,
Queensland Government

I approached Roderick Cross from START Consultants because I was eager to develop the company’s senior management team’s skills in difficult conversations, finding solutions to issues, clear communication and managing conflict.

Roderick helped us by providing a challenging yet enjoyable learning environment, which promoted team support and skills development and practice.  He has years of real life experience in high conflict environments which made for great examples and allowed my staff to relate and realise sometimes issues that appear huge aren’t when put into perspective.

Roderick provided us all with a tool box full of useful tips and techniques which I have no doubt will be used by all almost on a daily basis by tailor making the program to suit our environment and needs.  Feedback from all involved was positive which means we all have mutual goals and objectives when dealing with these important conversations.

I would recommend Roderick Cross from START Consultants for companies who require leadership development, skills enhancement and team building.

Nathan Morris

 General Manager
Livestock Link


Roderick is an enlightened facilitator.  He takes his audience on an exciting and provocative journey that challenges both the individual and the team to dig deep and release what is possible both personally and professionally.  His tools and techniques are creative and engaging, leaving the audience inspired to reach out well beyond the status quo.

Team effectiveness

Roderick provides an alternative to the stock standard team building approaches that often fail to be sustainable outside the environment in which they are delivered.  His combination of the hard edge of neuroscience with practical emotional intelligence engages and motivates.  It is new and fresh to the listener and goes much deeper than current conventional offerings.


Roderick’s strength as an executive coach is that he searches for the truth,    addresses the truth with his client and provides practical, realistic ways forward.  He leads real and insightful conversations, not superficial and fanciful conversations. This is not always popular or easy but is the source of real progress.

Lyn Rowland
Former Chief HR Officer, Qld Health

The teams from START consultants and the leadership sphere developed a bespoke leadership course for our team of 8 junior and senior medical leaders. This program has enabled us to develop a more cohesive leadership team while at the same time enabling significant personal growth  by each individual via pre course individual assessments and both group workshops and individual coaching sessions. The content was well thought out and focused on the needs of each individual, while the group sessions were fun, interactive, highly thought provoking and extremely productive. I would highly recommend the START consultant/ leadership sphere over the more traditional one size fits all residential courses that are out there.

A/Prof Simon Harrison MBBS, MRCP(uk), FRCPath(uk), FRACP, PhD
Head of Haematology & Chair, Haematology Service, Director of Clinical Aphaeresis
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

If you want to find a genuine trusted advisor and collaborator in transformation of yourself, team and business, you would do well to engage Roderick from START.  Using his strong strategic and leadership skills, his broad experience and his studious use of innovative and engaging approaches he has the ability to partner with you to get results even in the most complex and challenging situations. 

Roderick’s genuine commitment to exceeding client expectations based on best practice and evidence, and his willingness to be authentic and challenge where it is needed, (sometimes when it is not so wanted) provides you with the confidence to lead at your best.

I highly recommend you give Roderick a call if you are looking to make positive and sustained change in your leadership development, change leadership, team development and performance. 

Rob Setter.  Principal- So What? Where To?
Former supervisor and CEO of Queensland Government Agencies

We are a 3000 person organisation providing a range of services to the Health sector.  Given the significant change being undertaken in this industry we needed to go back to first principles and understand why we exist as an organisation, what our Vision should be, and how we progress this with our leaders to drive capability, awareness, alignment and engagement at all levels.

We engaged Roderick Cross of START Consultants to help us plan and initiate this process.  Roderick brought his energy and insight to immediately add value at the conceptual and strategic end, as well as the functional and practical aspects.

With Roderick, we initially planned an Executive Leadership session to progress strategic, environmental scanning, stakeholder and Vision activities and then a follow up session with the broader senior management team (Top 40).  Roderick planned, led and facilitated both of these sessions extremely well.

We achieved the clear strategic business outcomes through Roderick’s focussed and well planned approaches, plus achieved the awareness, alignment and engagement outcomes of our leadership group through Roderick’s authentic and values aligned approach.

Wayne Smith  Head of Organisational Capability & Change
Health Services Queensland

Facing change is difficult! As Service lead for a busy Tertiary Clinical Unit in a Paediatric Hospital the prospect of taking over the running of the Department and moving to a new hospital was a significant challenge for me and my colleagues.

Roderick has managed to help us start the transition process through facilitating a planning day and clearly delineating the organisational challenges we will face now and into the future. Using a wealth of experience, knowledge and humour, Roderick has clearly delineated a pathway for us to manage this period of transition and to grow as a unit. For all of us involved in the day, it was an exceptionally worthwhile and educational experience both personally and professionally.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

As principal investigator of clinical studies into new treatment for leukaemia and lymphoma, I had not given much thought to my leadership skills, which is something you were not taught at medical school or during specialty training.

This course (the Health Leadership Development Program) has opened my eyes to how harnessing my leadership and coaching skills can help me be even more efficient in leading my teams as we made new discoveries and influence how leukaemia and lymphomas is treated. I believe I am a more effective leader and investigator as the result of this course.

Dr Constantine (Con) Tam, MBBS (Hons), MD, FRACP, FRCPA
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Our organisation has a uses variety of facilitators and formats for planning sessions, and we found the guidance and techniques used were first rate. Roderick gave us space where we needed it and pushed us through to nail our outcomes when we needed it. 

Warrick Jordan
The Wilderness Society Inc

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